About Us

Cape Town Munich New York

 From Cape Town to Munich to New York: We are the NeonWish Collective!

We are a young, dynamic team based in three uniquely-different and hugely exciting parts of the Globe. Every month we scour the world and select just a handful of remarkable items and accessories, as well as curate fantastic artists and great designs, merging unique designs with everyday products - printed just for you. 

If many of the ordinary online-stores with enormous, mundane collections have begun to bore you,
then NeonWish is for you. 

See our detailed FAQ's page to find out how we're here to put a smile on your face.

Have something to say? We wanna hear it! Please talk to us over at our contact us page.

Sending Peace, Love and Happy vibes 

Team NeonWish

One of the state of the art production facilities where we create some of our unique, custom printed products: